Sunfaces & Sculptural Work

Annies SunAppolo's SunAutumn SunBird SunBlueMoonHot MamaHot Summer Sun IIJoy RisingPeaceful SunriseStudded SunfaceBest SunThree Racous DaffodilsCosmic Bag LadyOpeningMedium Horseshoe CrabSmall Horseshoe CrabBite Me Mako SharkShark CloseupBlue Dragon Incense BurnerRed Dragon Incense BurnerGreen Incense BurnerBlue SkullLavendar SkullRose SkullEagle Sun

In keeping with all things spiritual and mythological I’ve explored creating my own versions of Sun Faces. I started with the traditional version and thought that I could use this for so much more. In many of these sun faces I’ve incorporated surface decorations for certain Sun Faces that illustrate a concept or thought. I’ve borrowed bits and pieces of imagery from from various sources and cultures, trying to make these images my own. I enjoy trying to create the symbol within a symbol, the Sun Face being a symbol of a major life giving deity in cultures and civilizations in history. I have then used the “face” of the sun as a canvas to work out other concepts, such as an eagle or hawk to symbolize freedom and/or inner far-sighted-ness. In a recent version, I’ve created the rays of the sun to be reminiscent of a lions mane, which also was an ancient symbol of the sun, symbolizing strength or power, and was identified with sun worship and the power of both gods and goddesses.

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