Fish Forms 

Ceramic PanfishCeramic TroutCeramic Trout IIFish TeapotFish VaseGreen Fish VaseLeviathan ILeviathan IIBite Me Mako SharkShark Close up

It started innocently enough, considering I think of fishing akin to attending a church service: 

The great outdoors my church, my canoe a pew, my tacklebox a hymnal, so it seemed natural to create the objects of one of my passions. But as all things do, my work evolved... or is it "intelligently designed"? Anyway, the fish became distorted and twisted into what has become the Leviathan. Have they been genetically modified to survive in this toxic world, or are they evolving into something new? I'm not really sure yet, but they look great with cut flowers or decorative weeds growing out of them.

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