Lanterns & Light 

Beehive LanternBlue Stained Glass LanternCarved Lantern 1Carved Lantern 2Carved Lantern 3Carved Lantern 4Carved Lantern w-PaperFuneral Urn-LanternGreen Stained Glass LanternHanging LanternLt.Blue Stained Glass LanternRed & Black Deck LanternsRed Deck LanternRed Stained Glass Lantern

It seems fitting that something born out of fire, has been built to contain it’s creator within. Containing and controlling fire are such primal forces in us all, how could I not play with this. The Kali of the four elements, we’re always balancing fire’s use vs it’s misuse. Ingrained in our consciousness we have, sparks of an idea, we flame out or are flamed, don’t get burned, you’re playing with fire, you’re fired! Some of our best times are in conjunction with fire, roasting s’mores around a campfire, intense conversations with friends and family or just cuddling in front of a fire, lighting a candle for someone. All of that comes to mind as I create these. I have played with several variations, introducing colored art papers and stained glass to enhance the effect of the light. I have created memory urns incorporating a separate space for ashes under a votive candle. One shallow version had a labyrinth separating the container of ashes and the votive candle.

© James Best 2019